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Joey & Jesse

Jesse loves Joey. But Joey is not a loyal man. Jesse cannot live without love. In a society that still condemns homosexuality, how will the tragic story of Joey and Jesse unfold?

Romeus & Juliet

Romeus the angel loves Juliet the vampire. But the family of vampires doesn’t like the family of angels. How will Romeus and Juliet live their love? Are vampires doomed to live forever without the light of angels?

Remian & Remily

Remian suffers from loneliness. He feels like a ghost in the eyes of his parents. Remily has lived alone in a castle for a very long time. How will Remian and Remily meet? Will they get along so far?

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Since childhood, Hollywoodguy has drawn and produced videos. He likes to bring to life the characters he stages in stories he writes. Sensitive, Hollywoodguy is inspired by the emotions of music to create. Curious, Hollywoodguy is interested in many fields, to find things that will allow him to achieve the work he has in mind.

Hollywoodguy is a pseudonym chosen by taste. Just as the name Hollywood was chosen by taste when it was founded in the 1880s.

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